Cancer Rebel

Ribbons don't cure cancer.

Did we offend? Good. But we’re not wrong. You see, we believe it’s more important to raise money than awareness. That it takes action to cure cancer. That we should be funding research not celebrity spokespeople. That too many lives have been lost and too much time has been wasted.

We believe it’s time for the cure.

We’re starting a revolution and we will win.


Join the Revo­lution.

Are you tired of making people aware of cancer? Do you believe we’ve spent too much time talking about cancer rather than doing anything about it? Then rise up and challenge the status quo. Sign the pledge below and join the Cancer Rebel Nation.

The Cancer Rebel Pledge:

I believe it takes action to cure cancer. I believe the cure lies in the deadliest, most aggressive cancers. I believe funding has been misdirected and the system is broken. I am here to fix it – for my family, for the world. I will rally others. I will champion the cause and help raise money – money that will go to research not bloated overhead. I am a cancer rebel, and this is my pledge.

Ditch the ribbon. Take action.

It’s time to put up or shut up. Take action. Make a donation. But that’s a no-brainer. Get out there, join the conversation, inspire others, knock on doors. Whatever you can think of. Too fired up to think straight? We’ve got you covered. Try one these to get your revolution started.

Have an idea worthy of a revolution? Clue us in.

Gear Up!

A ribbon is quaint. Cute. Rebel gear is straight up bad@$$. When you wear it you’re telling people where you stand in the war against cancer – that you will not sit idly by while cancer rages on.

Show everyone that you are fighter, and you will not stop till the battle is won.

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